Are all IFA Practices the same or are they all different?
The answer is, Yes.


Broadly speaking, the investment and protection solutions that IFA firms have at their disposal are available to all IFA practices, there is minimal difference, in this way they are the same.


In the way that the service is prepared, the quality of the advisers and the care they take. Then there is the X factor, the way the proposition chimes with what makes you comfortable, excited and reassured.

How we Work

  • Listen to your concerns and aspirations.
  • Find out about you and help you clarify what your life and financial priorities are.
  • Work with you to create a plan that is understandable and workable.
  • Explain the plan to you, stress test the plan to ensure it works and that you agree and understand.
  • Agree an on-going communication and review plan to keep you on track and adapt as life changes.


  • Pension Transfer Advice
  • Corporate and Personal Health and Life Protection
  • Retirement and Pension Solutions
  • Inheritance and Tax Advice
  • Investment Planning

IFA Support

We have been fortunate in developing working relationships with IFA firms throughout the UK. Typically these tend to be highly capable firms who do not have the appetite to offer occupational pension advice. If, as an IFA firm or individual, you would like to offer this important area of advice to your clients but do not want the responsibility, our “IFA Partnership Programme” may be the solution.

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Client Feedback

Real Solutions

James was working in IT and he’d had enough, age 56 he wanted a change. Married with no dependants and in good health, James handed in his notice and requested pension details.

The information revealed a pension of £20,000 was payable from age 60, this was revalued up to that age and increased in payment. The pension provided a spouse’s pension of 50% and a lump sum of £101,000, alternatively he could receive the pension at age 56 with a 20% discount.

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